AG Injector APK: Free Mobile Legends Skin Injector App for Android, PC and Mac

AG Injector apk is one of the most popular mobile gaming utility apps among the Mobile legends gaming community.

If you are a fan of Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game, then this application is design for you.

ag injector apk main image

The Developer of the AG Injector app is a popular YouTuber known as Aneh gaming.

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What is AG Injector APK?

The AG Injector tool allows you to download unique skin for epic legends. 

Generally, these skins are only accessible when you earn diamonds and pay for the skin.

Mobile Legends video game players love the AG Injector apk because it helps to reduces the time that you spend on playing the game and winning diamonds.

So, all you have to do is simply click on the inject button, and then you can download and start using your favourite character’s skins. 

The latest version of the Aneh Gaming Injector (2024) is rapidly growing among the Mobile Legends android video game players, as many people recommend this video game utility app for the other players.

This free injector supports almost all kinds of devices and Android versions.  

It is important to keep in mind that when you are downloading the skins, you have to perform the procedure individually for each skin.

Because, this Mobile Legends Injector allows you to download one skin at the time. 

Additionally, the AG Injector apk is a free application available to download online.

You can simply download AG Injector on any android devices such as android smartphones, Tablets, Android tv and many more.

The coolest thing is that you do not have to pay anything for download and use this App.

Popular Aspects of the Aneh Gaming Injector?

AG injector apk program developed for one of the most popular Android video game of Mobile Legends.

The Mobile Legends action game comes under the MOBA video games category.

Other similar video games to the Mobile legends would be PUBG, Legends of League, Smite, Heroes of the Storm, Dota 2, etc.

Out of many of those mobile games, Mobile legends has a massive user base as there are millions of downloads all around the world.

When you start playing the game as a beginner, the user will have to play for a long time to gain more diamonds. 

As you cross the levels, you will be able to collect some diamonds, and you can use for purchasing inventories. 

The skins in the game make your character look more unique. Therefore, these skins are a bit expensive, and you have to purchase them. 

The AG Injector APK gives you the ability to download these premium skins without having to cross the level as well as no need to pay for it. 

Moreover, The AG Injector tool will unlock the ML Skins and characters for free.

Therefore, you can now focus on the important parts of the game and upgrading the level to become pro. 

Instead of wasting your earned diamonds on the skin and character building, you can spend your diamonds on the other important features. 

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This Mobile Legends Injector offers skin for more than 48 Mobile Legends heroes such as Grock, Fanny, Lesley, and Chou.

Android Package Information

Application NameAG Injector APK
File Size38 Mb
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsAndroid, PC and Mac
Supported VersionAndroid 4.1 or Above

Download AG Injector App


How to Use AG Injector APK?

ag injector apk download image

Make sure that you have installed the mobile legends game before you start using ag injector App.

How to Download and Install the AG Injector for Android?

You can download AG Injector APK from the Google play store.


Follow the Download link, and it will take you to the Google Play AG Injector Application Download page.


Then, just click on the download button and Install it on your device, following the same process that you would do to download other apps from Google Play Store.

ag injector apk in goolge play store


Once the download is completed, you can find the AG Injector APK on your android home screen together with other apps.


Now you can access the skins by simply opening this free injector app. You may require to log in with the game user id.

home screen of the app

Once you open the application, you will see a massive list of Mobile Legends character skins in the App.

Mobile Legends character skins list


So click on you preferred skin from the list and it will show you an image of the particular skin.

selected skin


After that, you have to click on that image, and then it will show you an option to inject the skin to the video game.

inject option to inject the sking to ML

That’s all you have to do.

Usually, it will take a few seconds to proceed in the AG Injector APK, and your selected skin will be unlocked automatically from the ML gaming app.

AG Injector App for iOS

As of now, the AG Injector app is not available in the official apple app store.

Therefore, there is no way to get it on your iPhone, Ipad or any of the ios devices.

However, a complicated procedure like Jailbreak may allow you to get these kinds of unavailable apps.

But it is not recommended as it may lead to some other issues with your ios device.

Simplified method to Download AG Injector APK on PC and Mac

Android applications cannot be directly installed of PCs and Mac.

Therefore, you have to first install an android emulator on your PC and then download the AG injector app through the emulator.


Download an Android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox

Bluestacks web home


Then log in to your Google Play store account through your android emulator and search the term “AG Injector APK”

AG injector apk installed on bluestacks emulator


Then click on the app icon and install it following the regular way of installing any other app.

Why is AG Injector APK is one of the best Mobile Legends Game Utility Tool?

AG Injector APK is considered as the time-saving App for the Mobile Legends game lovers.

It allows you to skip the tiring process of earning diamonds for purchasing new skin for their characters. 

The skin makes the character look different from others. During gaming, the character-building plays a significant role. 

It adds a significant difference in recognizing and gaining popularity in the gameplay. 

The AG Injector APK reduces the time it takes to earn more diamonds giving you instant access to premium skin. 

Your saved time can be used to focus on other important aspects of gaming.

In the game, the level upgrade by crossing each challenge is more important than spending diamonds on the skin purchase.

So you can save those diamonds for other inventory offers by the game.

AG Injector APK Features (Review):

  • AG Injector APK menu section has all the premium features. So that, you can simply click on the menu to open the dropdown. All the premium items are listed on the menu.
  • Getting the skin is quite simple. You just have to Tap the select button, and it will be added to your Mobile Legend Game.
  • The AG Injector APP does not ask for any other permission other than installation.
  • It is completely secure to download on your device.
  • Even the android device adds a restriction to other apk files, But, the AG Injector APK will have no problem running on your device.
  • It is available for free to download. You get all premium features at no cost.
  • The Developer has given much thought on the UI. It is quite simple, and it doesn’t require training to learn the features.
  • The installation of the AG Injector tool doesn’t require root access. You can download it from the Google app store in the default mobile setting.
  • The AG Injector APK application runs in a real-time memory environment. It doesn’t require must storage to install the App.
  • You can straightaway use the App once you download it without having to go through troublesome registration procedures.
  • AG Injector not only allows you to get unlimited Mobile Legends Skins. But it also allows you to get Unmetered coins, diamonds.

Downsides of the Application

First-time users of the AG Injector APK might find it difficult to use due to some of the terminology used in the application, which is a little difficult to understand. 

Limited skins are available, making it difficult to gain more attention from the users. Everyone who uses may have access to the skins. 

Even if it offers for free, the Gamers might still look for more options in the skin and character-building features.

Update of the AG Injector APK is not that frequent as expected by the Gamers.

The gaming industry is consistently upgrading; therefore, people look for more updates regularly.

In the case of AG Injector application, the Developer should focus on adding more skin to the App. 

In some devices, there could be certain types of connecting issues due to the non-compatibility of the AG Injector APK with the android version of your device. 

One of the most important factors in AG Injector is that it is faster than some of the other alternative apps.

Final Words

Overall, the AG Injector APK is a useful app facilitating a wide range of services and features for the Mobile legends video game player. 

You can download this Free Mobile Legends App from the Google play store and start using it immediately.

More importantly, You do not need to worry about the root access or any other settings, unlike some other injector apps. 

Download the AG Injector APK today and experience the new theme to make your character stand out in the crowd.

Surprise your friend with the new skin and advance features.

Please contact us for any clarifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AG injector safe?

Yes. We have Verified the security of the app with the Virus Total technology

Is AG injector free?

Yes. AG Injector is totally free to download and use

Does AG injector app hacking games?

No. The app just save you time and Diamonds that you would have spend on purchasing Skins

How to fix AG injector is not working issue?

This problem occurs mostly when you have not updated the application. so try to Update the app or Re-install it

What are the popular Ml skins available in AG injector?

X. Borg, Gusion, Granger, Masha, Alucard etc are some of the popular Skins available in the app. Further, it has almost all the Mobile Legends Skins as of now.

How to Update AG Injector App?

You will get direct update notifications from the Google Play Store. Or Else you can visit this website for latest updates of Aneh Gaming Injector

Is AG injector APK Ad free?

No. There are few Ads running on it. However they do not create any trouble when using the app

Do I have to sign up to use AG Injector?

You Do not have to Sign up to use the app. once you downloaded the AG Injector App, you can straightaway use it